Blog Articles

I'm in the middle of rebuilding my blog to be based on a new editor and backed by DynamoDB💨

vendurl: Vendor Packages from a URL to Your Node.js Project

Some libraries are not available on npm or not published in a way you'd like to consume. Vendor them to your project from a URL with vendurl.

HTML-First Web Dev Learning Path

How I'd teach a newcomer to build for the web.

Add htmx to an Enhance Project

Use Enhance @bundles to include htmx and make it available to all of your app's web components.

Get a random record from 126K lines of JSON

How I put a 76MB file in a Lambda and grab a random line without loading the whole thing into memory.

An Image of Some Bison

I added image uploading to my custom blog editor, so here's some AI bison I made with Midjourney.

Thoughts on SSR: Do It

Less browser JS pixel pushing and more hard work on the server.

My Articles on Begin

A roundup of posts I've authored for's blog.

gitclean zsh command

A command to run git clean with a confirmation step

Hello, World

Back at it. My first entry on I can't remember all the places I've published content, but I'm motivated to centralize it. It may not always look like this, but it will always be here.

Run Hurl tests against a Node.js server

A simple script to run Hurl tests against a Node.js server

A Story About the Evolution of a New Web Framework

The original web was a revelation...

I use exa instead of ls

List directories at the command line with exa.